1. Are you open to the public in California?

Yes, we do sell to the public (sales taxes are included). Our pricing allows for a profit after recouping. To avoid paying sales tax, please see question 3 below. 

2. Do you ship to out-of state addresses?

No, sir or ma'am. We only ship to and accept payments from California addresses. Other states have increasingly developed nexus protocols that we find disagreeable. If you're out-of-state, we recommend that you re-purchase from a California retailer with a discount. 

3. How do I start a retail partnership?

We are glad to answer this question. First, when you do business with us, we only partner with one retailer in each mall or swap meet provided it's a profitable alliance. It's not our desire to increase competition within an already competitive environment.  If you glance the Where To Buy page and don't see your California-based mall or swap meet listed and have a seller's permit, then:

 a. Download and print-out Resale Certificate:                                                                               

         - line 2 print "apparel"                                                                                             - line 3 print "ERIC PINCKNEY (DBA El-Kenyatta Publishing)"                           - line 5 print "tee shirts"   

 b. Screenshot a clear image and email to: tieteeuniversity@gmail.com

 c. We will then add customer page and send an email invitation to create an           account.  (Our web-host holds open invitations for up to 30 days)

 d. Create and account.

 e. We will then update the Where To Buy page with your free retail listing                 and we're partners!

5. Can I mix and match sizes and colors?

Unfortunately, No sir or ma'am. Our product inventory is managed per pack each having its own size, color, and quantity.

4. What care instructions should I recommend to my customers?

"What I do is turn mine inside out before washing, drying, and ironing. Then after ironing inside out, I turn the print-side out to crease the sleeves."